Activated charcoal tooth polish




Black&White Charcoal tooth polish – 20ml

Teeth whitening formula removes stains and plaque naturally

Black&White Organics natural tooth polish is made from a high quality medicinal grade charcoal. It is extremely fine and comes from organic coconut shells. This natural and non-toxic formula will gently remove stains from your teeth and brighten them by many shades. The polish will eliminate plaque and bad breath, leaving you with a fresh clean mouth. Our activated charcoal tooth polish combats cavities and gum disease by absorbing toxins from inside your mouth.

Many people have their teeth chemically bleached for a whiter smile. Chemically bleaching causes damage to the enamel and eventually the gums. Our activated charcoal tooth polish does neither. It’s a completely natural way of removing stains and brightening your smile.

Some frequently asked questions:

How soon can I see results?
Results can vary depending on people, however, you should see noticeable results after one week of regular use. The charcoal will remove exterior stains/discoloration from the surface of your teeth caused by daily food and drink without altering your enamel.

Does it contain any chemical ingredients?
This product contains 100% natural activated charcoal powder. No synthetic additives, preservatives, foaming agents, fluoride, artificial colors or flavors, and no abrasive baking soda or salt.

How often should i use the powder?
We recommend daily use at least to begin with for the first 2-3 weeks and then use as often as required.

What happens if I accidentally swallow the powder?
Nothing. All ingredients are a medicinal grade and safe to be ingested.


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